From a childhood dream of becoming a nun to the unpredictable twists and turns of secular life, my journey has been a remarkable one. In my memoir, “A Nun’s Journey: To Motherhood, Heartache, and Wholeness,” I share the profound inspirations that guided me along this extraordinary path. It is a story of faith, love, resilience, and self-discovery, as I navigate the challenges of transitioning from a life devoted to the religious order of the Daughters of Charity to the joys and tribulations of motherhood.

A Life Unfolds

As the pages of my secular life unfolded after leaving the religious order, I found solace and strength in my deepening relationship with God. The narrative explores my personal growth and the profound realization that true devotion can manifest in diverse ways. I share the intimate details of my journey from embracing vows of chastity to embracing the profound joys and difficulties of becoming a mother, all while facing the most trying circumstances life could present.

The Poet and the Priest

This memoir intricately weaves my life story with that of James Kavanaugh, a former Catholic priest who achieved fame in 1967 with his controversial bestseller, “A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church.” Kavanaugh’s call for reform in the Church resonated with my own journey, and his evolution into a poet captured the essence of the American people. Our unique connection shaped the course of my life, and together we confronted the challenges of love, commitment, and personal growth.

An Insightful Perspective

Spanning the latter half of the twentieth century, my story provides a distinctive vantage point on life within a religious community. It offers glimpses into the complexities of our court system and sheds light on the ancient sacred institution of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Throughout my narrative, I reveal the early cracks that led to the present state of the Church, exposing both its strengths and its vulnerabilities.

Finding Wholeness

Readers will identify with the struggles I faced while losing myself in love. The memoir delves into my personal journey of discovering my life’s purpose and aligning it with my true self. Overcoming the pain and agony resulting from Jamie’s recurring desertions, as well as the echoes of this pattern in my family history, I gradually emerged as a whole and empowered woman. It is a testament to the strength and resilience we possess when faced with adversity.

A Journey of Reflection

As I reflect on my life and pen this memoir, six decades have passed since those transformative moments. Through the poetry woven throughout the book, I invite readers to find solace, learn from my mistakes, and embark on their own personal discoveries. It is my sincere hope that this memoir serves as a catalyst for introspection, allowing you, the reader, to examine your own growth as an individual and the dynamics of your closest relationships.


“A Nun’s Journey: To Motherhood, Heartache, and Wholeness” is a captivating memoir that chronicles my unique path from religious devotion to the complexities of secular life. It explores the profound connections we forge, the challenges we overcome, and the strength we discover within ourselves. May this memoir inspire you to reflect on your own life’s journey, finding solace, wisdom, and personal growth along the way. Grab a copy on Amazon today!

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