Rene Reid has lived life to the fullest. My mother and I knew her during a portion of her journey. I know we can all learn from Rene’s life experience because she’s the definition of a survivor.
Jeanne Phillips aka Dear Abby.
My father, Wayne Dyer, admired James Kavanaugh calling him “America’s poet laureate.” If he had lived to read this story, he would have acclaimed Rene for not allowing her challenges with her husband to become obstacles but rather for turning them into opportunities for growth. I applaud Rene for sharing her compelling message for facing fears, grieving loss, and getting yourself on the best path. Readers will find their own messages in this must-read memoir.
Serena DyerAuthor Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You, daughter of Wayne Dyer
A Nun’s Journey is the story of deep love and profound pain, and eventual healing during former nun Rene Reid’s twelve-year relationship with renowned poet, author, and former priest James Kavanaugh. The couple, bonded by passionate love and their dedication to reforming the Catholic Church, nevertheless struggled to create a stable home life as Kavanaugh battled his demons, unable to commit to their relationship and his role as a stepfather, despite his desire to do so.
Reid’s story is ultimately one of healing as Jamie finally discovered that love is all that matters. Today she is carrying this same lesson into her work to help an outmoded Church realize that Jesus’ message was exactly this: simply to love.