When James Kavanaugh passed away on December 29, 2009, he had lived a good life and left a lasting legacy. He was born on September 16, 1928. He was a former Catholic priest who gained popularity in 1967 with his controversial bestseller calling for church reform. He also wrote several other notable books, including bestselling poetry collections.

Prior to the 1967 release of his book “A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church,” Kavanaugh worked as a parish priest in Lansing and Flint, Michigan, and obtained a doctorate from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. When his book was released, it was an oversight blockbuster best seller.

In addition to this, he wrote several other inspirational books, some of which even reached the New York Times bestsellers list. So, let’s talk about some of his best books to honor his contributions to literature.

“There Are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves”

A modern poetry collection, “There are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves” is a contemporary classic with more than one million copies sold. It captures the quest for truth and significance among today’s youth. James Kavanaugh also spoke extensively about this book. He claimed that this book was conceived in my heart, born in the anguish of ending one life and beginning another in the exhilaration of finding life’s meaning.

“Will You Be My Friend?”

Over 2.2 million copies of “Will You Be My Friend?” have been sold overall, making it an all-time bestseller. According to Kavanaugh’s opening statement: “Friendship is uncommon, accessible, and flowing. It believes, comprehends, develops, and explores. It doesn’t suffocate or cling, demand or expect. It is, and that is sufficient, yet it has many dreams. Thousands of couples have discovered the secret to their success with this book. People who had been afraid to love saw their hearts start to soften. It is perhaps Kavanaugh’s best-selling book among youth.

“From Loneliness to Love”

According to James Kavanaugh, in order to shift from loneliness to love, one must take a chance, establish a solid support network for oneself, and put forth the effort necessary to do it. Kavanaugh inspires them to a new extent of courage and self-worth in a society where lonely, worried, and sad people battle their own unique forms of stress. This book teaches readers that they can discover love and that loneliness is a loving sign that it’s time to make friends.

“Quiet Water: The Inspirational Poems of James Kavanaugh”

James Kavanaugh’s most inspirational saying is providing strength when enduring life’s most challenging experiences seems impossible. Humanity was imprisoned in religious systems for ages that were mistakenly based on a Bible that was regularly read in numerous ways. Many, if not the majority, still identify as fundamentalists. Throughout history, courageous reformers have spoken in other languages, and today, vengeful religious myths are losing their influence. Sincere and genuine humanness will bloom in the next millennium. According to Kavanaugh, your soul has a still place where the weak can become hardened, and narrow thinking can develop.

“Mystic Fire: Love Poems”

In this wonderful book, passion, romanticism, and passion for love are all shown. With this book, love will bloom like a mystical fire heap in your heart. The balance between the strength of physical, emotional, and pure spiritual love is perhaps the book’s greatest beauty. Hundreds have requested the use of these poems at weddings of people. But, according to James Kavanaugh, the tragedy of life may be failing to experience authentic, unwavering love. Giving such is finally coming to life, and receiving such is being like the gods.

“Celebrate the Sun: A Love Story”

It is often regarded as James Kavanaugh’s most significant work, and it captures his personal philosophy in a story about a pelican colony and the extraordinary Harry Lagendorf Pelican. It offers an alternative to the idea that obtaining more and more is the be-all and end-all of education and fulfillment for people. Harry, the pelican, has some insight to give about relationships that will make you happier than collecting ever-greater accomplishments.


My life with James Kavanaugh was filled with upheaval but ours has been an enduring love that lasted despite it all. We married each other three times over our time together. You can read my most recent book, “A Nun’s Journey,” to learn how many of the Kavanaugh poems came to be written.

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