The New Entrepreneurs


A must book for serious professionals turning away from the corporate world and exploring their entrepreneurial options for the 21st century.



 The New Entrepreneurs book by Author Rene Reid Yarnell raises poignant issues being faced by a growing number of professional men and women across the nation and around the world.

With so little security in the workplace…the aftermath of downsizing on both those fired and those left behind…women hitting glass ceilings…workers not paid their worth and saving little or nothing toward retirement…with employee agitation on the rise…more and more workers are looking outside of corporate America for more suitable alternatives.

As the corporate executive was the hero of the 20th century, the author proposes that, with the advancement of technology and the World Wide Web, the entrepreneur will be revered in the 21st century. But it will be a new entrepreneur, not one climbing corporate ladders, nor satisfied merely with amassing financial wealth. The 21st century entrepreneur will also seek the balance of lifestyle freedom, self-mastery, and personal fulfillment.

Not only employees but employers are a candidate for this new form of entrepreneurship, tired of measuring their success by what they gave up to get it. They realize that having their own business takes more money and time than they’d planned for; they can never get away on vacation and leave the business behind; Friday payroll is not an option; and an increasing number of startups are going under.

What if, asks the author: you could have a business of your own…you could work at home…it didn’t require a vast amount of startup cost…it requires no employees…you are in business for yourself but not by yourself…you inherit an experienced team who train you…you have an unrestricted earning potential…it has the ability to become a passive, residual income…you can determine your own schedule and prioritize your own life events…and you have the resources to contribute toward causes that are reflective of your values?

This emerging profession that has the potential to meet all of these criteria is called network marketing. What is that, you ask? It is a form of distribution of products and services that, through word of mouth promotion, uses the power of duplication of effort, or what we call leveraging. Unlike conventional marketing that generally has a few representatives responsible for large volumes of sales, this form of marketing has large numbers of representatives responsible for a small number of sales. It is a form of direct selling in which the distributors are compensated on a multi-level basis as opposed to a more traditional single-level pay plan. As each level generates orders for products or services, a commission is paid throughout the entire organization up to the agreed-upon number of levels.

The author predicts that, with the explosion of home businesses due to the advancement of technology and the Internet, the 21st century will be known as The Entrepreneurial Age. The entrepreneurs who will carry us across the threshold of this new era will be legions of network marketers, waving the banner that signals our inalienable rights to lifestyle freedom, personal fulfillment, and financial peace of mind.

This remarkable industry, the author predicts, will be responsible for changing social trends over the next few decades. Spending more time working from home, which is part of the explosive trend today, these entrepreneurs will be better mothers and fathers; they will reestablish priorities and create lives with a more elevated sense of purpose and fulfillment; and with more capital in the hands of responsible individuals, countless people will make more money than they ever dreamed, with many of them using their newfound wealth for altruistic causes.

In The New Entrepreneurs, you will be given guidance in deciding if the industry is right for you, selecting the right company, evaluating a compensation plan, joining an effective team, the unique challenges women face in network marketing, how to work in this business as a family, the evolution of the industry, and be exposed to the most frequently asked questions and their responses.

If you learned today that, due to a medical condition, you had only five months to live, would you make any kind of change in your life? Then, asks the author, why wait? Why not make those changes now? If you are ready to explore creative ways to make a living while also making a life, you owe it to yourself to read this book and consider joining a growing number of New Entrepreneurs.