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'Til Death Do Us Part...
One Woman's Story of Facing the Reality After Clinging to the Dream


May, 2001

Even though Rene Reid Yarnell's new book is not the standard Upline review material - it's part memoir and part self-help guide to relationships - we thought you'd still want to know about this popular author's latest. 'Til Death Do Us Part... won't tell you how to work your business, but it will take you through the pain that comes at the end of "a fairytale romance." In her introduction, Rene says that she hopes to give people a different perspective on the ending of relationships. Since we live long, active, intense lives, we may see more than one intimate relationship bud, blossom, and wither. Is it fair to call the faded blooms failures? Rene thinks not.

Rene has taken part in shifting many paradigms through her expert Network Marketing trainings and books. With 'Til Death Do Us Part..., she takes on the American cultural paradigms of marriage, divorce, and moving on. The lessons' details take place against a backdrop of Network Marketing, because that's Rene's long-time frame of reference. Other than that, 'Til Death Do Us Part... is not a Network Marketing book; you may enjoy, though, reading and learning from one of the industry's most prominent Networking leaders on a personal rather than business topic for a change.

Tina Sapsara

Upline Journal