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Join Rene's 9/11 Pay It Forward Peace Program

A Special Message from Rene:

I believe so strongly in the critical importance of moving beyond this time of unrest in our world, I want to offer you the most in-depth information I have available, namely my book which I spent four years writing, one year of which was researching the political facts.

In honor of our much needed change in presidential administration, I am inviting you to join me in this special 9/11 Pay it Forward program. Through friends passing the gift of peace along to friends who pass it on to friends, we can actually network peace into our lives and our world.

Get two autographed, hardback copies of this book (priced at $29.95 in bookstores) for only $8 per book and both shipped FREE to anywhere in the Continental US – one for yourself and one to pay it forward to a friend. If you have already had someone send you this book, then you are invited to do the same: order two autographed copies and ship them to two of your friends.

We made our voices heard in this election. Now we must continue to do our part to help be the change we hoped for.

Through networking, we have the power to change our lives and our world.


Who will want to read this book?

  • Romantics who enjoy a contemporary but complex love story
  • Anyone in a personal conflict desiring to find resolution
  • Political enthusiasts who want to know the truth about what went on inside Washington before, during, and after 9/11
  • Those grieving the loss of someone through death or breakup
  • Caregivers facing the terminal illness of someone they love
  • People of peace looking for real solutions to the U.S. dilemma in Iraq
  • Members of the Peace Alliance wanting to establish a U.S. Dept. of Peace that will create a mindset of peace in our government
  • Barack Obama supporters
  • Students wishing to gain in-depth knowledge of one of the most tragic events in modern history

Rene Reid, author of a bestselling book on networking, invites you to join in the Pay It Forward program by giving the gift of peace to someone you care about.

Her newest book, what she calls a reality fiction, Peace Amidst Conflict, proposes that the pursuit of peace, whether between nations, communities, or couples, must never be abandoned no matter how unattainable it may seem.

Comments and Endorsements for the Book

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It is important that you give me complete mailing information for both people with whom you wish me to send the book. If one of them is yourself, that is fine. With both books, let me know to whom you want each autographed.

At this time, I can only make this offer to people in the United States.

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